Toddler Room

Our toddler room is for children between 2-3 years old, with 5 highly skilled educators in the room. We aim to provide a welcoming, nurturing, engaging and stimulating environment to learn, play and grow. We engage closely with our families to cater for the needs of our toddlers.

Room Values

  • Respect
  • Communication
  • Teamwork


toddler room..

We offer an indoor-and-outdoor program during the day as well as offering a play-based emergent curriculum. This allows children to make reasonable choices, allowing them to assert independence in a safe, nurturing environment. Our program is thoughtfully focused around the children’s interests and abilities which is taken into consideration when developing our activities and programs.


Toddler room

Sometimes a child’s need for independence and emotional development can come into conflict with our need to ensure they are safe.

We strongly encourage the development of independence skills, as guided and role-modelled by our team of dedicated educators, while they also supervise the children to ensure they remain safe.

Outdoor explorers

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In normal times, we share our fantastic back yard with the Pre-kinder and Kindergarten Rooms, where we encourage social learning and a chance to see our beloved siblings.

The big backyard includes a range of play activities and equipment, together with areas of open space to allow the children to freely socialise and play.